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Our Virtual Assistance services offer busy entrepreneurs and business owners the ability to be more productive and focus on their passions while we take care of the repetitive tasks, lead follow-ups, and social media management just to mention a few things. These services are offered on a monthly package rate and are tailored to meet each clients specific needs.


Includes any physical space within the home such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, closets and garages. Spaces such as offices and storage units are also considered as part of this type of organization. De-cluttering, downsizing and donation of items takes place with each project.

There are three subcategories to this type of organization which are:
1. Keep The Order Maintenance program: Our maintenance program offers proactive organization and monthly or quarterly upkeep for projects we have already organized for our clients.
2. Real Estate Organizing Services: Our Real Estate Organizing Services allow us to help you get your home market ready by de-cluttering and staging, creating an inviting space for potential buyers. Buying and selling a home is a stressful time, but with the right agent and professional organizer on your side, you can enjoy the process of finding your new home.
3. Emergency Preparedness: Our Emergency Preparedness services offers a proactive approach to getting your personal property organized before an emergency hits. Cataloging of personal property for insurance purposes and keeping all resources in one safe location are just a few items covered with this service.


Strategic Organizing Sessions allow me to coach my clients in the area of organization. We will be implementing foundational skills in organization that will help you, your team and your space function in an effective manner.

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Ordered Excellence
Bringing Chaos Back To Order

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